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Benefits of StudentConnect

StudentConnect offers the following benefits to parents, teachers, schools and law enforcement officials:

StudentConnect Deters Student Truancy

Truancy, according to the US Department of Education, is the first sign of trouble; the first indicator that a young person is giving up and losing his or her way. When young people start skipping school, they are telling their parents, school officials, and the community at large that they are in trouble and need our help if they are to keep moving forward in life.

StudentConnect helps both parents and school administrators monitor their students’ class and school attendance through an Auto ID badge worn by students.

School administrators can better manage student behaviors using attendance data.

1. StudentConnect provides school administrators and teachers a unique opportunity to determine which classes students tend to skip or show up tardy.  Statistics and data on student class attendance patterns and behavior can be identified early in the school year to avoid failures.

2. School administrators can utilize behavior data to identify teacher/student related issues, bullying or other class related problems based on student class choices, tardiness when analyzed and compared with grades.

Eliminates Students Left Behind on Buses

Nationally, more than 1,000 elementary students are left on school buses.  Even though most school systems have a mandatory policy for bus drivers to walk their buses to ensure students are not left behind, there continue to be occurrences reported.

StudentConnect allows parents the ability to receive real time alerts when their child(ren) gets on and off of their school buses.

Student Locator Assistance for Law Enforcement Officials

  • The problem of missing children is complex and multifaceted.  Children may become missing due to abduction by nonfamily members or abduction by family members. Children may be missing as a result of running away from home. Children may also be missing involuntarily for reasons other than abduction which may be due to becoming lost or injured without their parents or guardians knowledge.
  • StudentConnect provides immediate alert to schools and parents when a student has failed to get on the bus, thus providing early warning advantage to law enforcement. A parent receives notification when a child has been dropped off by the bus and can call home within minutes to confirm safe arrival.
  • Younger children attending school for the first years may get on the wrong bus or off at wrong bus stop. StudentConnect provides immediate on board notification to bus drivers and sends alerts to both schools and parents.
  • Enhances Parent/Teacher Communications

  • 1. StudentConnect’s messaging platform allows both teacher and parent to communicate about a child’s class attendance and performance.
  • 2. Parents receive real time information when students are late or skipping classes, increasing cooperation between teacher and parents on improving student behavior and performance.
  • 3. Parent/teachers can privately share information and data regarding students through our messaging platform.

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