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Benton School Leaders Unveil Bus Tracking Technology

BENTON, AR — Benton Public School leaders unveiled a new technology to keep track of students on the buses.

The program is called StudentConnect, and it notifies parents when their children get on and off the school bus.

Benton Public Schools is the only school district in the state that uses this technology. It relieves parents who wonder every day if their child gets to and from school safely.

The program will go into effect in Benton schools in the spring.

When it is launched, it will involve the district’s elementary school students.

When the student gets on the bus, they will swipe their card when they board. That will notify the parent that their child is on. It works the same way when the child gets off.

District leaders said this will enhance their safety plan.

Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Andre Fluellen supports it as well and is encouraging parents to sign up.

“I look at it as the older brother that takes its little sister to the bus stop and makes sure she gets there safely,” Fluellen said.

The district said many parents have signed up for it and are looking forward to its use.

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