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A word from the CEO

“We are excited about this approval and opportunity. Our technology simply provides information to schools and parents that may be critical to a child’s safety,” said Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO, East Coast Diversified Corp.

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Morehouse Parish School District

“A mechanism or a way that we can actually say that we know where the children are,” said Morehouse Parish School District Superintendent, Dr. George Noflin. “For safety for your child, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want that,” Morehouse Parish School District Transportation Manager, Debbie Buckley, said.

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Gordon County School District

“It is one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen in a long time,” said Cooper, the transportation director of the Gordon County School District. “Each child has a card that is attached to their backpack and if they enter on the steps of the bus a reader reads it and it sends it to my […]

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