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GPS Tracking and Student Monitoring


When desire amore advanced solution that will allow you to manage and monitor student riders, we provide you our advanced GPS/RFID solution using our proprietary wireless communication between GPS and RFID. Designed to monitor who is getting on and off the school bus and where. This system keeps you and the parent informed for the safety of the bus riders.


LogiBoxx Solution deliver all of the same feature as our Halo 2 Fleet management, including the management of students riding on the school bus. We provide mobile 2 way communication with your drivers, so you know what is going such as bus breakdown, student off at wrong stop, student on with no ID badge.  Parent get immediate notification of student safely picked up and dropped off from home and school.


Using our built-in routing software you can create routes with ease, add stops remove stops, create or remove routes. Auto create stops within specific geo fence area, it’s a simple point and click solution.


Other features such as Global announcement, Trip Inspection, Absence Request and much more are available in the StudentConnect application.