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Introducing StudentConnect

StudentConnect is school transportation and class attendance technology which helps transportation officials and parents become more aware of the safety of students riding on school buses as well as detect truancy issues.

StudentConnect utilizes integrated RFID and GPS for delivery of notification and critical alerts regarding the Student’s status.  StudentConnect is not tracking software, but simply provides instant status notifications to transportation officials and parents when students get on or off the school bus. Alerts are provided in the event of any anomalies in the child’s schedule such as a child gets on or off at the wrong bus stop or fail to get on or off the bus without a corresponding request from parent in the system.  Other features include, automated bus arrival notifications to parent, transportation absence requests, automatic bus transfer and transit point bus rider management. Other benefits to the school include free routing software, fleet management features and driver behavior monitoring.

The system is free of charge to the schools, parents or tax payer and is funded through corporate advertisers and sponsors. Implementation is ongoing in 6 different states (South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, California and Georgia).

“We are excited about this approval and opportunity. Our technology simply provides information to schools and parents that may be critical to a child’s safety,” said Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO, East Coast Diversified Corp.


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