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Student-Tracking Tech Coming to Morehouse Parish

BASTROP — Fifty-three buses ferry the Morehouse Parish School District’s students from home to school and back every school day.

For those times when a student doesn’t step on or off the bus, the district is bringing in some new tech.

“A mechanism or a way that we can actually say that we know where the children are,” said Morehouse Parish School District Superintendent, Dr. George Noflin.

“For safety for your child, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want that,” Morehouse Parish School District Transportation Manager, Debbie Buckley, said.

It’s an issue Noflin said they’ve seen before.

“I received a phone call from a parent who indicated that her child was not on the bus. Third-grade child,” he said. “The child ended up going to the father’s house, but we did not know that. We knew that the child got on the bus and that was it.”

The new program is called “StudentConnect,” a system being adopted by school districts from Georgia to California.

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