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StudentConnect to Launch Mobile App for Parents

Parents registered for the StudentConnect program will soon be able to get real-time alerts and notifications sent to their mobile devices and tablets with the StudentConnect mobile app.  The application is easy to use and provides parents full control of notifications received. This will offer parents peace of mind when they are not able to physically ensure their child’s safety to and from school.  The system does not transmit any proprietary information about the child.

Alerts will include such notifications as:

– Bus arrival and departure

– Student departure and arrival

– Route interruptions/deviation

– Wrong destination or failure to get off the bus

-Class attendance

Parents will also be able to view reports of student status and real time location maps of the bus transporting the child. Parents will also be able to provide and update student information regarding home and school address as well as parent contact information in the event of an emergency.

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StudentConnect is the new way to stay in touch with the child on the move. StudentConnect is supported by local businesses and advertisers. It is provided free of cost to parents and school districts.