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Why StudentConnect Education Logistics

Our Experience Cloud Based Solution
With more than 10 years providing logistics services in 10 countries and 5 continents, we bring significant experience to school transportation services. Our passion for the safety of assets and people is reflected by the innovation of our technology. Wireless communication between GPS and RFID offers the most advanced technology in the market and allow for faster event reporting and a more efficient message delivery system. StudentConnect offers a cloud based solution. No equipment to purchase or servers to install. We offer hosted solutions. Get started immediately with no delays. Our Lynx Routing software is integrated with most of the popular student management softwares. We connect to your student management system and make deployment a pleasant experience.
Our Systems Cost Free Solution
Our hardware and software are designed by in-house engineers. We listen, we design, and we deploy solutions exclusive to your transportation operation. Our hardware and software are proprietary and can be customized just for your school. Safety of children traveling on school buses should NOT be based on affordability. StudentConnect is working hard to make transportation safety available to children at all schools wishing to provide it to their students. Equipment, Student ID badges, Installation, Routing software, and on-going services are provided free of cost. Equipment replacement or support is also provided free of cost.
Training & Support Mobile App
We make Training easy and relevant. Our corporate training team will introduce you to our system. Our 2 minute video series guides every user on how to use and maneuver through our system. Tutorial videos are available for each user type. It’s simple and it’s easy. Our toll free line is open 5 days a week with a professional support team always standby. Our mobile app makes it easy to stay connected while you’re on the go. Receive notifications and alerts straight to your mobile device about your child’s status on the school bus.


How it Works

Why is the StudentConnect considered the most advanced Transportation Logistics System? Providing Alerts & Notifications
StudentConnect uses a proprietary technology
that allow wireless communication between GPS and RFID.
The instant communication between these completely different
technologies allow SC to deliver more accurate messages about
the student’s status to parents and schools faster than any other
system on the market.
Alerts and notification are sent to schools and parents.
Schools transportation officials will get alerts only
and parents will get alerts plus notifications. Alerts are anomalies that occur during transportation
such as:
• Student got off at wrong stop
• Student Failed to get off bus
• Student got on wrong busNotifications give parents peace of mind:
• Student safely picked up & dropped off at home
• Student safely picked up & dropped off at school
• Bus breakdown/ schedule running late
• Bus arrival notification (no more waiting on a late bus)
Transportation Services Other Administrative Features
Fleet Maintenance based on bus mileage
Configure and set speed threshold
Assign buses in group by school and routes
Routing Software
Allow transportation directors to:
• Create Route
• Create bus stop
• View bus on map
• Monitor bus activities live
• Route playback
Locate students with a search button
Parents perform on-line absence request
Global Announcement feature to parent in case of:
• Emergencies
• Bus breakdown
• Events and
• School Closings
• Parent/Teacher email notifications