StudentConnect Newsletter March 2015
StudentConnect Automates Temporary Bus Schedule for Students

One of the key school transportation pain points is the temporary schedule that transportation managers must contend with. For most transportation departments this is a big source of headache for many reasons.

Some parents provide very little time in providing notification to the school about a schedule change for the child, but expect immediate action from the school’s transportation team. Therefore, ability to implement this request and make it effective immediately while retaining the temporary status is very crucial.
Sudden schedule change requests from parents or guardians can occur when there are unexpected events in the family, such as unexpected business trips, medical emergencies with other family members, etc. The school must be prepared to accommodate these issues.

The larger problem occurs when the temporary schedule ends, most schools have to keep manual records and reminders to update the child’s transportation data. Failure to do so can result in a child being dropped off to wrong stops.

1. On-line Absence Request – StudentConnect’s on-line absence request will automatically disable the transportation schedule for a Student and automatically reactivate it based on the absence calendar.

2. Temporary Schedule System – The SC temporary schedule system allows transportation admin to select the temporary stop period. The default schedule is retained and will automatically reverse back when the temporary schedule expires.

Transportation staff no longer need to maintain manual records or set up alarm reminders to update a temporary schedule.

StudentConnect adds to the peace of mind knowing your transportation program will accommodate unexpected changes and many more pain points in your daily transportation management program.

Why StudentConnect?

How Do Parents Benefit From StudentConnect?

The number one benefit to most parents is peace of mind. Knowing their child has been safely picked up and dropped off to and from school. Most parents are on their way to work or at work when the student is picked up and dropped off at home.

All tax payers get the tax savings benefit and schools save costs acquiring the technology.

What Sets StudentConnect Apart From Other Similar Systems?

We see this as a public service provided to local communities in partnership with local businesses and this essentially separates SC from other systems on the market. SC emphasizes child safety as an integral part of transportation service while other systems see this as an optional service to the transportation department. The involvement of parents through notifications is quite important to us. Most systems simply provide notifications to the school district only.

Are Parents Concerned About The System Tracking Their Child?

With proper information and education, no they are not. SC simply identifies students who have gotten on or off the bus and does not track students beyond their entrance and exit from the bus.
SC in Your Community

California School District Introduces StudentConnect to Parents:

(Photo: Parents and students gathering at SC introduction meeting)

On the February 12th, one district gathered all of the parents of students from the first of their Elementary School sites to use the SC program. Approx. 400 families came to the event where parents were able to learn about the program and receive information about the SC phone app. The response was overwhelming and hundreds of California parents updated their information with the school that night, requesting to participate in the StudentConnect program.

Welcoming New Schools to the Bus Pass Program:

Valdosta City Schools, Georgia – Starts Pilot

Morehouse Parish School System, Louisiana – Joined

Morgan Hill Unified School District, California - Joined

Next Issue – Automated Global Notification to Parents when bus breaks down!!